Curling at Fife Ice Arena

Curling is a sport played by two teams of four players (curlers) that take turns sliding polished stones (rocks) on an icy shuffleboard-like surface (curling sheet) toward a target (house). The name curling comes from the curved path that the “sweepers” can induce as the rock glides toward the house.

Each team has eight total stones, so each curler gets two attempts. A curler’s title is relative to the order in which he or she threw their first stone. The first is the Lead, then the Second, the Vice Skip, and finally the Skip. During any one curl, one player is an onlooker, one throws the stone, and the other two use curling brooms to guide the stone to the target.

The goal of curling is to accumulate the most points, and the team earns points based on how close their stone is to the house. Nevertheless, curlers do not simply aim for the house. There is a great deal of strategy involved in curling by using one’s stone to block or move the stone of an opponent.


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